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Carla Carstens
Music/Talent Internship
Are you someone who loves MUSIC?
Do you follow bands that are under the radar?
Someone who will explore every single option before saying it can't be done?
If so, we may want to meet you!

We're looking for music/talent interns to help us on our quest. We are a boutique entertainment marketing agency located in New York City. We are a busy, creative, and casual office that loves to champion our clients' quests to get them whatever they want. Our clients' requests can be broad, often with a tight deadline and with high expectations. No matter what they want to achieve, we don't stop until it's done (the bigger the challenge the better)!

Here's what it's like to work in our office: We work in groups and tackle almost every project as a team. We then go back to our desks to execute our individual part of each project. We sometimes work long days. We almost always have music playing, sometimes lots of different music in the same room, so it's important that you are able to focus with different things going on around you. Some days you will be given many tasks, so your ability to clearly communicate and prioritize is a must. You will be interrupted throughout your day by the phone, by the supervision team and by other team members who need a champion to get our clients what they need to be successful.

Your tasks as a music/talent intern will be broad including: answer phones, running errands (general knowledge of Manhattan required), making charts (excellent computer skills needed), listening to new music (passion for music, a must), LOTS of internet research on celebrities/music, intellectual properties and brands (ability to quickly and accurately navigate the world wide web), data input, and other general office duties. Proficiency in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Microsoft Word are a MUST for this position.

You MUST be able to commit to 2-3 days per week for a 3 month period. Further employment is not guaranteed, however several of our interns have gone on to become full time members of our team. Great opportunity for a recent grad. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:30 am -- 6:30 pm.

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New York, NY
December 13, 2011